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Meet Aleksandra

Behind The Lens

I am on a mission to take a best photo of you, you have ever seen. I love helping women see how unbelievably beautiful they are. Don't wait for a better time, usually we must make it happen or it will newer come. Many say "I can not pose, and I never look good in pictures". Well, ​It's not your job to be photogenic. It's my job to pose you and direct you through your photo shoot so that you have photos you feel proud of.

More about me...

I am a Blaine, Washington based portrait photographer. I fell in love with photography years ago. Having my own kids I realized how cherished captures of those little moments of them will be as time goes by. So I looked for those wonders and made them freeze on a paper. My hobby grew into being a work I love. My specialization was Newborns and Maternity. And lately I found new passion in my work, the woman portraits. You see, I was looking though family album and didn't find too many pictures of myself, it was me taking the pictures all the time. I was on the other side of the camera. It's not a surprise, is it? And even our family portrait on the wall got to be long due for update.

Are you relate to my story? How many photographs of you are there that you really like? When have you been photographed professionally last time? I believe you deserve to have a beautiful photo of yourself.

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